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Patrick Beverley Takes A Shot At Nikola Jokic: “He Presents The Same Thing Luka Doncic Presents: A Lot Of Flailing."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

As the Clippers' enforcer and emotional energizer, it just wouldn't be right if Patrick Beverley went this entire playoff series without throwing a jab or two at every one of his competitors along the way.

This time, Denver's Nikola Jokic was put in the crosshair after Bev complained to the media about his flopping. Here's the comment, which comes just hours after Bev he got fined for "verbally abusing" a referee in Game 2.

“He presents the same thing Luka Doncic presents: a lot of flailing. He puts a lot of pressure on the referees to make the right calls.”

He's calling out both Luka and Jokic for flopping, and he might not be wrong about it, either. In the past two series alone, both of those players have been caught trying to sell some calls, but it's a practice almost everyone in the NBA is doing nowadays.

It is more likely than anything that Bev is trying to stir the pot and maybe get under The Joker's skin. It's one of the things that Beverley has been able to do so well throughout the course of his career.

This time, he's hoping he'll finally have something to show for it.