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Patrick Ewing Blasts MSG Security For Stopping Him: "I Thought This Was My Building... Everybody In This Building Should Know Who The Hell I Am."

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(via WFLA)

(via WFLA)

Patrick Ewing is one of the biggest Knicks legends in history. He was a dominant center who spent the vast majority of his career with the New York Knicks, becoming an 11-time All-Star. Anyone who is a New York Knicks fan knows who Ewing is, and what he looks like.

Even if fans do know what Ewing looks like, it seems like this is not the case for Madison Square Garden security. In a recent video posted by Bleacher Report, Patrick Ewing goes off on MSG security for not recognizing who he is. He even jokes about his number being in the rafters.

Patrick Ewing has a right to be upset. As he is one of the New York Knicks' greatest legends, it would make sense for there to be an expectation for people to recognize him. That fact holds true especially in New York, on the New York Knicks' home arena. There is no reason that security should be accosting a franchise legend, let alone one as influential as Ewing.

Patrick Ewing deserves to walk around MSG unfettered. While Patrick Ewing no longer plays for the Knicks, it still seems like he should be a figure that is allowed to walk in the arena undisturbed. At the end of the day, let's hope that this doesn't happen again in the future.