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Paul George And Chris Paul Convinced Donovan Mitchell To Go Pro, And He's Already Eliminated One These Playoffs


After his sophomore season at Louisville, shooting guard Donovan Mitchell was unsure if he was going to declare for that year's NBA draft, as he felt he wasn't good enough to be drafted in either round that year.

He was so sure in fact, after his sophomore season ended, he didn't even bother packing anything, as he was 100% sure he'd be returning for his junior season.

"When I left school, my room was still clean, full of stuff," Mitchell said. "I never packed. I was coming back for a third year. In my head, 100 percent, coming back."

So when Mitchell attended a pre-draft camp -- that he paid for entirely out of his own pocket so he could remain eligible to return to Louisville -- and met Chris Paul and Paul George, his mind was pretty hard to change. But after some time, the pair managed to convince Mitchell he was more than good enough to declare for the draft, and declare he did.

"He's really good," George told reporters, calling Mitchell the steal of the draft. "He's a tough, fearless kid. We all saw that working out with him this past summer. I knew he was going to blossom."

"He can really, really play," Paul said. "I'm not surprised by it at all. He can play. He's strong, and he loves the game -- both ends, whether it's offense or defense. I don't know if it's because he's in Utah, everybody's surprised by it. I'm not."

Fast forward to the end of the season, in the middle of the playoffs, and both PG and CP3 were right in convincing Mitchell to leave Louisville. Not only was he selected in the lottery by the Utah Jazz, he was easily the best rookie of his class, thrusting his name into the Rookie of the Year conversation alongside 2016 number one pick Ben Simmons.

But Paul George and Chris Paul should've been careful what they wished for, as Mitchell recently ended Oklahoma City's season with an insane Game 6 performance, posting 38 points at home to send Paul George and the Thunder packing.

And who will the Jazz be facing in the second round? None other than the other player to sway Donovan's draft perception, Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets.