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Paul George And Kawhi Leonard React After Clippers Beat Mavericks: "We're Not The Favorites, We're Not The Defending Champs. We Haven't Shown Anything... We Haven’t Done Anything. We’ve Won One Game.”

Credit: AP 

Credit: AP 

The Los Angeles Clippers came back to life on Friday night, when they beat the Dallas Mavericks, as visitors, to score their first win in their first-round playoffs series. 

Just when it looked like the Clips were ready to succumb to 0-3 against the Texans, shots started to fall for them, and little by little, they cut the distance. In the end, the Mavs won the game, 118-108, to keep their chances alive. 

Following the game, their two stars reacted to the win, both saying the same thing. They need to be better, they just won one game, and the journey to win the championship won't be short or easy. 

Paul George reminded people that the Mavericks still hold the lead of the series, and they need to go one game at a time if they want to find success in this series. 

"We've yet to show anything. We're down 2-1, we haven't shown anything. We're not the favorites, we're not the defending champs. We haven't shown anything. We gotta continue to keep doing it. We gotta win this series, but it's 1 game at a time.”

Moreover, Kawhi Leonard pretty much said the same. The Klaw explained that they need to keep focused on the job. He's happy the team responded after being 19 points down in the 1st quarter, but there's still work to do. 

“We were able to keep our composure and we was able to get a win, but haven’t done anything. We haven’t done anything. We’ve won one game.”

It's good to see that the team's two best players are focused and ready to go. They had a hard time against Luka Doncic in the first two games of the series but made the proper adjustments to snatch a big win in front of the Mavericks. 

The Slovenian player still finished with 44 points, but George and Leonard combined for 65, taking their squad to the promised land.