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Paul George And Lou Williams Exchange Words After Bad Defensive Play

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Any analyst, executive, or fan will tell you that the L.A. Clippers probably have the deepest roster in the NBA. With Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and a host of bench players that would start for most teams, their team is rich with talent.

But for all the talent the Clippers have, there are increasing concerns about their chemistry.

Several injuries have interrupted their playing time together as has the repeated "load management" days from Kawhi Leonard.

Worse still, there may be genuine hostility in the locker room. Earlier this season, Montrezl Harrell told the world there might be a problem, only to be silenced and disputed by his teammates later. There have also been reports of other players struggling with the apparent preferential treatment given by the organization to its two top players.

The Clippers have done their best to play through the noise but the cracks are beginning to show, as Sunday's on-court meltdown demonstrated.

Midway through the second quarter of their game against the Sixers (sans Embiid and Simmons), George and Lou Williams were seen jawing at each other over a blown defensive play.

It seems PG couldn't contain himself after the miscommunication there. And while these types of things happen to every team at some point in the season, this type of thing seems to be a theme for the Clips this year.

Their only hope is to come together before things get real in April.