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Paul George Compares Kawhi Leonard To Kobe Bryant

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Paul George and the L.A. Clippers took a big loss last night at the hands of their inter-city rivals. And while both George and Kawhi did all they could to lead their team to victory, it obviously wasn't nearly enough to pull away with the desired results.

Still, after the game, PG made sure to hand out some praise to his co-star, comparing his mindset and approach to the late Kobe Bean Bryant.

(per Tomer Azarly)

“Just being around him, watching him, observing him, everything is methodical. Everything is well thought out. He sees the big picture… He’s got the approach Kobe had, he’s got the approach the great ones have,” George said.

What George is referring to here must be the "Mamba mentality" that Bryant made so famous. While the words are fairly new, the concept has been one practiced by countless superstars over the course of NBA history. The drive, the passion, the willingness to do whatever it takes to win -- it really helps separate the greats from the rest.

Kawhi, like Kobe, also seems to be a student of the game. He's always learning, always working to improve aspects of his game.

It's this mindset, along with natural skill, that has helped Leonard become the guy he is today. It has led to pretty good results so far.