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Paul George Contacted Nike After Zion Williamson Injury Scare


Zion Williamson's tumble on the court yesterday caught national headlines, mostly towards Nike, whose brand almost literally exploded underneath the athlete's feet during the same play he got injured.

While many are blaming the shoe company, and others are calling it just a freak, unpreventable accident, Paul George decided to contact them himself to find out what was going on.

It was his signature kicks, after-all, that Zion was wearing the play he got injured.

Paul George's grief was on display Thursday night, as he spoke to the media regarding the incident.

(via Royce Young)

"First, I want to wish him all the best," George said "I don't know the severity of the injury, but I just wish him all the best and a quick recovery if it is severe. And honestly I'm just there for him through that time of being hurt and being injured on a big stage in a big game, him not being able to play."

He also revealed that he spoke to Nike directly about what went wrong with the product.

"Outside of that, I don't necessarily know what happened," George explained. "I talked with Nike to see what went wrong and what happened with the shoe. I take pride in that my shoe has been a successful shoe not only in college but in the NBA. A lot of people get in them, a lot of people have been wearing them, so I don't necessarily know. It's never happened to my knowledge before. So it's tough."

Fortunately, Zion is expected back any day now. The injury isn't anything serious. But the fact that this is even a discussion for such a bright young prospect really puts the college athlete experience into perspective.

And maybe it will also encourage Nike to be a little more careful about the product they're putting out there on the floor. Because, if this type of thing pops up again, there's no telling what might happen.