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Paul George Explains How Russell Westbrook Reacted To His Trade Request

(via BroBible)

(via BroBible)

When Paul George made his sudden and shocking trade request to the Thunder, they acted relatively quick to strike a deal and get a jump start on their rebuild. In the process, the trade also altered the future of Russell Westbrook, whose 11-year run with the franchise came to an end following a deal that sent him to Houston.

While the focus has shifted to how these guys will assimilate to their new teams, haven't you ever wondered what the notoriously emotional Westbrook had to say to his partner in crime after finding out he suddenly asked out of the franchise he had committed to just a year prior?

Surprisingly, George claims Russ was "was all for it."

A quick scroll down the comment section of these tweets will tell you that the public is not at all buying this narrative. George's talk about the trade being "mutual" on all sides is being taken as untruthful, and most have already pitched a tent in the Paul George hate camp.

Whatever your feelings, it certainly speaks for itself that Westbrook himself was so open to a deal after witnessing PG leave. Russ stuck around following Durant's departure in 2016, so what's the difference now?

Maybe he was forced to start over, or maybe it was something he and PG had been plotting since the beginning of the summer. You decide.