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Paul George Forced To Pick Between Kawhi Leonard Or Russell Westbrook Or Drink Cricket Tea: "I'm Gonna Go With Kawhi."

Paul George Forced To Either Pick Kawhi Leonard Or Russell Westbrook Or Drink Cricket Tea: "I'm Gonna Go With Kawhi."

Serge Ibaka has been in the league for over a decade and during his career, he has established himself as a great forward. But since leaving the Toronto Raptors, the forward's career has gone somewhat down.

He joined the Los Angeles Clippers but was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks this season. While Ibaka's stint with the Clippers wasn't great, it seems like he is still in touch with his former teammates.

Recently, the 32-year-old's cooking show titled "How Hungry Are You?" started airing on Sportsnet NOW. As a host, Ibaka invited his former teammate and L.A. Clippers superstar Paul George to the first episode.

At one point during the episode, Serge presented PG with a huge dilemma. George had two options: either to choose his favorite between Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard or to drink a cup of tea full of crickets. Of course, the second was a much disgusting question, even so, PG gave it a long thought before revealing his choice.

"If I had to pick one. ... I'm gonna go with Kawhi."

It might have been a tough decision for PG to pick between Kawhi or Russ, but it was still better than drinking the cricket tea. Moreover, many would have expected him to pick Leonard's name since the two players are current teammates.

On the other hand, George and Westbrook used to share the court during their stints with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As of now, neither George nor Leonard are available for the Clippers. Both superstars are recovering from their respective injuries, which has put the Clippers in a tough spot.

It looks like after making it to the Western Conference Finals last season, the organization might not even make it to the postseason or get knocked out at an earlier stage.

Well, that's something fans will find the answer to in the coming months. Meanwhile, feel free to watch the entire hilarious conversation between George and Ibaka below.