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Paul George Hints That He May Still Sign With Lakers In The Future


For Paul George to not even give Magic Johnson and the Lakers a meeting, after all the talk about wanting to "come home" the season before really shocked a lot of people.

He chose Oklahoma City over Los Angeles, he chose the Thunder over the Lakers, he chose Russell Westbrook over LeBron James. Two years ago, those statements would have been considered blasphemy.

And although they are the reality now, it doesn't change the fact that PG really did want to be a Laker... and he might even follow up that dream later.

“I wanted to, man. Honestly, I wanted to." Paul George said on the “Short Story Long” podcast with Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff. "I wanted to come back home (in 2017). I’m 28; still got another contract.”

PGs contract with the Thunder is for years, so he won't be available on the market until at least 2022 (assuming he opts out). Even if he does consider a return, there's no guarantee the Lakers would welcome him home. After likely loading up on other free-agents in that time the team might not even have the cap space, and George won't be nearly as lucrative as a catch as he was this summer (he'd be at least 31 by then).

But, never say never, right? There might really be a day when we see Paul George don the purple and gold.