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Paul George: "I Was A Lakers And Clippers Fan Growing Up"



There's still a lot of grief and animosity for Paul George these days. Following his exit from Oklahoma City, he forced his way to the Clippers, where he and Kawhi Leonard hope to find success. Obviously, there are many who had a problem with his move and for various different reasons.

What made it worse in many folks' minds was the hypocrisy of it all. See, back when Paul George first landed with the Clippers, he said that he had always been a fan of the team growing up. The internet, in all of its infinite wisdom, drug up some pretty damning evidence against that claim.

This tweet is just one example:

Then there's a tweet back in 2012, in which PG claims he supported the Clippers and the... Warriors?

George has expressed his interest in the Lakers for years before his arrival in OKC, even initially demanding a trade there while he was still a member of the Pacers. Tweets both supporting this fandom and going against it has caused a stir of confusion in the community. People want answers.

And in his quest to deliver them, PG only added fuel to the fire by saying he was a "Lakers and Clippers fan" growing up.

He says he "loved" Kobe, and loved watching the Lakers because, well, who couldn't at the time? But he also admitted that the "underdog" in him was rooting for the Clippers all the while.

This quote, the tweets, it all just doesn't make sense. Then again, it doesn't really have to.

PG is a Clipper now, and his previous allegiances mean nothing. All that matters, at least in his own eyes, is what lies ahead.