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Paul George Is On Team Butler


There's definitely a silver lining with this whole Jimmy Butler situation.

For some, Jimbo has been way too aggressive to his teammates, and his attack on the players during practice was completely uncalled for. Besides, his history in Chicago tells us that he probably isn't the easiest guy in the world to get along with.

On the flip side, there are those who believe that Butler is justified in what he's doing in Minnesota. For a franchise that's so used to losing (and some young guys who need a motivational push), adding some angst and fire to the team is the medicine they need. And between the ugly front-office decisions and a disappointing first season, who wouldn't want to leave anyway?

Well, for what its worth, Paul George knows a thing or to about forcing your way out, and he's siding with Jimmy Butler on this one.

(via ESPN's Royce Young)

"I'm on Jimmy's side.. (KAT and Wiggins) have that 'it' that a lot of guys don't have, now they just have to match what Jimmy is bringing to the table. I'm all for what Jimmy is trying to do over there."

For those that may have forgotten, it was PG's infamous trade request from Indiana that sent him packing to OKC, where he just signed a four-year, $137 million contract extension this past summer.

Obviously the situation had its differences, but the idea remains the samee: star players want to compete.

For Butler, simply making the playoffs is not enough. And the fact that he's the only one in that locker room feeling that way is just something he's not okay with.

So, unless there's a change of heart for either side, it looks like J.B.'s time with the Timberwolves is nearing its end.