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Paul George On Clippers Debut: 'I'm Tired Of Rehabbing. It Sucks."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Paul George is eager to make his return to the league and he’s getting ready for his longed-for debut with the Los Angeles Clippers. Right now he remains healing his left and right shoulders.

PG reveals how frustrating is for him to see the action from outside, stating he can't wait to return to the floor.

"I’m tired of rehabbing," George said, via USA Today Sports. "It sucks."

"I’m here for the long run and here for the long haul. I know what the big picture is," George said about the patient he needs in his rehab. "Obviously it’s for my own good that I wasn’t in those things early."

He won’t have to wait that long to return to the court. Coach Rivers considered it a "possibility" that George makes his Clippers debut on Monday against the Raptors at the Staples Center. Moreover, if he’s unable to make his debut, Clippers fans would see PG-13 returning to action in Houston or New Orleans.

George recalled how things went when he fractured his right leg during a scrimmage with Team USA before the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

“I’m used to being in this rehab stage and knowing what it takes to get my body prepared," George said. "It’s a long process. But with me going through it and having a drastic injury in my leg, I know what to expect. I know what pressure to put on myself and what pressure not to put on myself."

PG has shown his eagerness to come back and if he shows that same fierceness with the Clippers, things will look even better than they look right now for them.