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Paul George On His Iconic 2013 Dunk Over LeBron: “I Blame And Thank LeBron James For What Just Happened. You Pushed Me To Another Level Bro.”


Paul George introduced himself to the rest of the world seven years ago. The Miami Heat were trying to make another Championship run but had to get past the tough, physical Indiana Pacers first, which was going to be their most difficult test thus far.

George was a rising star that had just been named Most Improved Player of the Year and had taken a step forward to replace Danny Granger as the Pacers' go-to-guy.

So, after trading buckets with LeBron James, he decided to take things up a notch and swung by the King to make one of the most explosive and iconic posters dunks in the history of the playoffs other Chris 'Birdman' Andersen.

And when Bleacher Report posted a clip of the dunk on its seventh anniversary, George went on to thank and blame nonother than LeBron James for pushing him to become a better player:

"A trip down to memory lane! I blame and thank LeBron James for what just happened lol you pushed me to another level bro! #MissThemLegs," George commented on the post.

George was one of LeBron's biggest threats in the Eastern Conference at that stage of his career. He tried to prove it by sending that game to overtime, but the King eventually won it at the buzzer, and later on, the Heat knocked them out of the playoffs.

Those battles with James motivated George to keep grinding and working on his craft and he's now considered to be one of the best two-way players in the league. Now, he'll have a chance at finally getting back at LeBron and getting past him if the Clippers face the Lakers in the playoffs. We can't wait.