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Paul George On His Second Season With The Clippers: “I’m Loving And Enjoying The Game”

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Clippers suddenly became the team everybody loved to hate. They have a roster full of harsh competitors and players who don't mind getting physical, and the way they underperformed in last year's playoffs really took a toll on their image.

That's why no one seems to be talking about them as legit championship contenders. However, they're playing their best basketball since Kawhi Leonard and Paul George made it to the team, and it wouldn't be wise to count them out.

George has been back to his MVP-candidate level lately, yet people continue to doubt him because of his well-documented meltdowns in the playoffs. Nonetheless, he's unbothered right now, and claims that he's just loving every single minute of his second season with the Clippers:

“I just got into a good groove, rhythm, physical, mental space. I know what I need to do… I’ve been locked in and focused… I’ve just been at peace, I’m loving and enjoying the game. And the team is coming together,” George said following his team's win, according to ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk.

The Clippers are currently sitting at a 37-18 record, which is good for the 3rd spot in the Western Conference. Moreover, they've taken down other contenders in the regular season while boasting an impressive defense.

Also, they finally landed the playmaker they were craving in Rajon Rondo, so even if they haven't been historically sound when it comes to the postseason, we still should look out for them.