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Paul George On If He And Kawhi Leonard Get Special Treatment: "The Dudes That Put In The Work, It's A Reason They Get To That Level."

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

The Kawhi/PG era hasn't exactly been a model of success for the LA Clippers. Despite all the hype last season, they were unable to win when it counted most, and they've been getting blasted for it ever since.

In the months following their collapse, reports of "special treatment" being given to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George surfaced, and it was quickly identified as part of the reason for their toxic culture and failed season.

Nevertheless, after dropping 33 points on opening night, Paul George didn't even try to deny that getting those superstar "perks" is exactly what he works for and what helps motivate him to keep playing at a high level...

"The dudes that put it in the work, that built themselves up to be where they're at, it's a reason they get to that level, they get what they need and they know what makes them play at a high level. Whoever that offends...."

On one hand, it should be no surprise to find out that PG gets preferential treatment by the organization. Like it or not, he's their second-best player, and keeping him happy should be among their top priorities.

On the other hand, George hasn't always played like their second-best player, and he has yet to help the team achieve the results they expected.

No doubt, the Clippers will need PG at 110% if they want to make a run for the title this season, and George has gotten off to a great start (scored 33 points in the opener). But for the Clippers' sake, he should tread carefully not to abuse the star treatment he seems to enjoy so much. We have already seen the damage it could cause.