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Paul George On Los Angeles Clippers: "I Owe Them A Trophy. This Is Home. This Is Where I Want To Be. This Deal Was More About My Loyalty To This Team And This Organization."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Paul George is ready to bounce back with the Los Angeles Clippers this upcoming NBA season. The veteran swingman was one of the most criticized players on the team after the collapse they suffered during the second round of the 2020 NBA playoffs. The Clippers are ready to give it another try with George and Kawhi Leonard this season and they already signed the 6x All-Star to a 4-year, $190 million deal in recent hours.

George is ready to turn things around for the Clippers and show he's ready to lead this team to compete in a stacked Western Conference. Things are going to be different this season, with the Clippers playing games at home, having more freedom than they had in the Orlando bubble. PG is ready to change the narrative about him and wants to bring a title to Los Angeles.

“I love being here,” George said during Thursday’s availability, via Forbes. “I love the family that I’ve created in my first year. And this is where I want to be. This is home. I want to build something, a real foundation.”

“My family is the biggest factor in this decision,” George said. “To stay home and make it easy on my family. Again, this is a childhood dream being fulfilled. It’s just priceless having the opportunity to play here.”

He wants to stay in Los Angeles and if it is with Kawhi Leonard, better for PG13. The player knows Kawhi can leave the team next season if he opts out of his contract. George hopes that his decision to stay with the team will play a key role in Kawhi re-signing with the team when the time comes.

“I’m hopeful,” George said. “I won’t put words in another man’s mouth. But I’m hopeful. He’s one of the guys I talked to. I wanted to inform (him) this is a decision I wanted to make and I wanted to be here long-term. It’s not putting a gun to Kawhi and telling him he’s got to do this, or do that. Hopefully, it’s a mutual bond. We both enjoy playing with one another. Everybody has their own decisions to make.”

He has vowed to make this team a competitive one and one that can win titles although the league is really competitive right now. PG made it clear that he's 'locked in' and that everybody will know about the former PG that enchanted everybody in Indiana. George wants to make a statement with the Clippers and he's well aware of his responsibilities with the team.

“It was a competitive team before I got here,” George said. “Them sending the house to come grab me (in 2019) shows their commitment to win and wanting to put a winning team out there. I have full faith and trust in their process and ability to build a team.”

“I owe them a trophy,” George said.

“This is a window we’re trying to capture. My commitment and my job is to try and bring a title here.”

"This deal was more about my loyalty to this team and this organization," George said.

The Clippers are entering a very important season. After blowing a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets in the bubble, George knows they have to be better if they want to transcend in the Western Conference. He recently said he wanted to retire a Clipper, repeating something that he said in Indiana and Oklahoma City. Time will tell if he doesn't get tired of the team or the other way around, but Paul is ready to compete with his Clips right now.