Paul George On Rajon Rondo: "He's A Leader By Nature, And He's A Leader Coming Into This Team As Is... We Want What He Brings."

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Trading for Rajon Rondo was a master move by the Los Angeles Clippers. They have addressed their biggest need, and that is the need for a competent playmaker. Rajon Rondo has been just that. His ability to pass the ball is up there with the best of the best, and his basketball IQ is top-tier. Rajon Rondo will take some of the playmaking duties away from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, giving them more freedom on the court.

Although Rajon Rondo hasn't yet played a game for the Los Angeles Clippers, it seems as though he already has the respect of his future teammates. Recently, Paul George has come out and talked about Rajon Rondo's impact on the roster.

He’s a leader by nature and he’s a leader coming in into this team as is so it’s almost you know natural it’s organic. We know what he stands for, we know what he’s about. There’s no egos. We want everything that he brings.

I mean it’s never been a situation where it’s you know my team or Kawhi feels it’s his team like we’re in this to do this together and build something together and you know we’re here to win together. Same thing goes with Rondo. This team is his regardless if he’s played a game yet or not, he’s a part of this team.

He’s a big piece of this team and it’s just respect. We got a lot of respect for him when he’s been on other teams and his career and it’s continued respect even more so with him being on our side.

Paul George clearly has a lot of respect for his teammate, and Rajon Rondo has been known as a great leader on a lot of the teams he's been on. Rajon Rondo could be the piece that puts the Los Angeles Clippers over the top, and he's a great fit next to two-dominant scorers like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Hopefully, Rondo can make the expected impact, and potentially get them over the hump in the playoffs.