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Paul George On Rajon Rondo: "I Look At Him As A Leader Of This Group. He’ll Hold Us Accountable, And That’s What You Need..."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

As the L.A. Clippers look to make amends for their failure last season, they're pulling all the stops to ensure they come out with more success this go-round.

Aside from some moves in the offseason, the Clippers brought in some much-needed help, in the form of veteran guard Rajon Rondo, who joined the squad in a trade with the Hawks.

Following Sunday night's game against his former team, in which he saw 12 minutes of action, Rondo's teammate Paul George gave him a glowing review, citing him as a leader of the group.

On the court, PG expects that his new teammate to help make life a lot easier...

It's hard to gauge Rondo's impact now as, famously, he's known for stepping up in the playoffs. But for a team that fell so flat in that stretch a year ago, that might be exactly the kind of player they need.

As a natural leader, talented playmaker, and 2x NBA Champion, the 35-year-old should bring his new team one step closer to finally realizing their goals.