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Paul George On The Mavericks: 'Their Defenders Aren't Great. I'm Just Not Finding The Ball Through Right Now.'

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Paul George knew he was going to come back in the best possible shape to this series right after Game 4. On Sunday, the Dallas Mavericks tied the series 2-2 thanks to a buzzer-beater by Luka Doncic and a horrendous performance from PG. The former Indiana Pacer, Oklahoma City Thunder struggled to find his best version from Game 2 through Game 4, but he made a terrific comeback yesterday, leading his Clippers to a blowout 154-111 win over the Texans.

Right after Game 4, PG predicted what was going to happen with him in Game 5, while explaining his struggles on the offensive end of the court. He was showing confidence despite shooting 21% FG and 16% 3P in his last three games. Well, time proved him right and in a great way.

"I've just got to stay with it. It's a marathon, man, I've got to stay with it," George told reporters on Sunday.

"I thought early on I got a rhythm and then towards the third quarter there was a stretch where I just got out of rhythm and I was trying to find it.

"It was tough, it's just tough for me right now.

"It's hard to say because I'm getting the looks, the shots. The floor is open, the defenders aren't great, but I'm just having a hard time finding the ball through right now."

He mocked the Dallas Mavericks defenders and that must have worked for him, since he dropped 35 points on them on Tuesday, leaving no doubt that he's back in business, dominating both ends of the court. With PG back, the picture doesn't look that good for the Mavs. They tried and tried, but the Clippers weren't going to lose the fifth game of the series. It was a bad moment for PG, who revealed he was battling anxiety and depression during his slump. Fortunately, he returned the best possible way, becoming the only player in NBA postseason history to score 35 points in 25 minutes or less in the Shot Clock Era (1954-55).

We'll probably start seeing those dangerous Clippers who are favorites to win the NBA championship this year. Playoff P has arrived and that is great news for his team.