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Paul George Reveals The Clippers' Most Anticipated Matchups Next Season: Lakers, Warriors And Bucks

Paul George Reveals The Clippers' Most Anticipated Matchups Next Season: Lakers, Warriors And Bucks

The Los Angeles Clippers are entering the 2022-23 NBA season with big expectations after a tumultuous 2021-22 campaign where they reached the play-in tournament but couldn't make it to the playoff. Kawhi Leonard's absence and Paul George missing a big chunk of the season played a big role in their bad performances, but now it's time to bounce back and show they are considered championship contenders by many. 

With Leonard and George returning and the addition of John Wall to the roster, the Clippers seem to have a solid shot at the title, which has been elusive since they formed their talented duo in 2019. 

Now, the rest of the league has gotten better, but the Clips remain a strong squad not only in the West but the entire association. They have a solid chance to win it all, but first, they need to find their pace and see how they play against the best teams in the league. 

Paul George Names Warriors, Lakers, And Bucks As Clippers' Most Anticipated Matchups 

Paul George knows that the Clips will draw a lot of attention this season, and they need to show that they are ready to win it all. However, it won't be an easy job as both the East and West are stacked, and the route to the championship will be very tough. PG13 recently talked about the matchups he's more excited about entering the new season, naming three big rivals that bring a lot of challenges for the Californians. 

“The obvious is opening night, that matchup against the Lakers,” George said on a recent podcast, via Wichita Eagle. “For me it’s the fun matchups. I don’t feel that I personally have bad blood, or the Clippers team has bad blood with any teams, so it’s not eyeing the calendar because we want revenge… It’s more so we know which [games] are going to be the fun, interesting, gonna bring the best out of us games.”

“Of course, the opener against Lakers,” he continued. “Anytime you get to go against the defending champs, the Warriors, is definitely up on the list. And I think the opportunity to go against — we don’t know yet, but one of the top teams out East — Milwaukee. I think those three teams are great measuring sticks for what we’re trying to do in the long run.”

The pressure is big on the Clippers this season. They have one of the best coaches in the league, an incredible roster, and three stars that could take over games anytime; they have the depth, they have the hunger, and even their rivals are dubbing them favorites to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. 

Time will tell if they can finally make it to the Finals and challenge for the title, but on paper, the Clippers are a very dangerous squad.