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Paul George Says He Won't Inform OKC If He Plans To Leave At The End Of The Season


NBA All-Star Paul George has only recently arrived in Oklahoma City, but judging by the sounds of things, his time in OKC could already be limited.

While playing for Indiana, PG-13 informed the Pacers' front office that he would most likely be looking elsewhere once his contract was up at the end of the season, letting them know beforehand so management could make moves now to prevent George leaving Indiana high and dry, leading to the eventual trade that netted the Pacers Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

But, according to George, the swingman won't be offering the Thunder's front office the same courtesy if he plans to head elsewhere next offseason, per Ken Berger of Bleacher Report:

"If George concludes that his Oklahoma City experience will be one-and-done, will he be inclined to give the Thunder the same kind of heads up?

“Well, I think this is a different scenario because it’s our only year together as far as we’re on one-year contracts,” George told Bleacher Report. “I want to put everything into this and see where that takes us. I’m not giving up; I’m not giving in. I want to give this thing everything I have and we’ll see where it goes.”

Obviously, OKC's season hasn't really gone as expected when the Thunder traded for George andCarmelo Anthony in the same offseason to pair with defending MVP Russell Westbrook, as many fans thought the new big three in Oklahoma City would be challenging for the top three spots in the Western Conference.

Instead, the Thunder currently sit in fifth place with a record barely over .500, a far cry away from their predicted position.

PG has said however, that his mind is far from made up at the moment:

“We all enjoy playing with one another,” George told B/R. “This could possibly be me being here for multiple years. But … I’m not going to just throw it in and be like, ‘No, I’m done with this.’ We’ve got a long, long, long season ahead of us. And I’m committed to that.”

Paul George doesn't exactly seem 100% confident in his answer, leaving room for speculation if he does indeed plan on moving on to greener pastures for the 2018/19 NBA season.

If the Thunder do happen to search for trade targets come closer to the trade deadline, you can expect almost every team in the league to be low-balling OKC with offers, as if it comes to trading PG for the second time in less than a year, George is almost certainly jetting off to LA next season.