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Paul George Says No One Can Beat The Warriors Without A Superteam

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Reality can be harsh for those who don’t realise it. You can wish for something all you want but at the end of the day it’s what's actually happening that counts. The NBA is no different. Ever since the Boston Celtics formed their ‘Big 3’ in 2007 we’ve seen a huge increase in the formation of ‘super-teams’ in the NBA.

It’s fairly easy to understand why; teams want to win, winning involves getting good players, players want to win, winning involves playing with good players. If one team has a very good roster then you will need an even better roster and the only way you can do that is by teaming up with other stars.

Paul George clearly understands this from his recent comments on the matter.

“No team has won [a title] where one single guy was the lone star and it was their team. It’s not that era” PG has said. “I never understood that, because who would we be fooling if we went out alone and tried to go up against the Warriors?”

With Golden-State no having 5 All-Stars on their team and 2 of the top 4 players in the NBA it looks again like nobody will be able to contend with the Warriors this season and unless there are some major injuries they are a lock to get their three-peat.

Also, other NBA stars share their thoughts about the superteams:

John Wall

If you don’t have a superteam, or three superstars, or three all-stars on your team, it’s very hard to win,” Washington Wizards star John Wall said at Team USA’s minicamp here last month.

Eric Gordon:

“A lot of people need to understand this: players want to win,” the Rockets’ Gordon said. “They want to go to winning situations. When you have a winning culture, things become so much easier. It’s good to see all these superteams, because [it means] guys are willing to win.”


“You’ve got to figure it out. You’ve got to compete,” the reigning league MVP said. “You’ve got to get your a-- in that gym and try to get to that level that the top is at.

It looks like super teams are the future of the NBA because the benefit of potentially winning a title greatly outweighs the cost of people saying you only did it with a super team. The culture change is real and it happened so quickly that even now we are still reeling from it.