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Paul George Was Partying With A Girl Pouring Champagne In His Mouth

Paul George Was Partying With A Girl Pouring Champagne In His Mouth

The NBA superstars are currently enjoying their time off. While some players can be seen putting in reps in some Pro-Am games or else, others seemingly are enjoying their vacations, meeting with their friends and family, and having the time of their lives.

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George finds himself in the second category, though. George recently was spotted partying. Spotted alongside former teammate Danilo Gallinari, PG13 can be seen vibing to the loud music in the venue and conversing with the people at the party.

Eventually, though, George ended up with champagne all over him as a girl from the party can be seen pouring it into his mouth. 

It was certainly an incredibly funny video to see, and NBA fans had their fair share of laughs about the same as well.

While the video certainly has gathered a lot of hilarious reactions, George will be well aware of how important the upcoming season is for him and the Los Angeles Clippers. Since the last two seasons, the Clippers have been unfortunate as they haven't seen both of their stars fit enough to start together.

Although the team has shown grit and determination at the time, without the star power, they have struggled to make it to the playoffs. But with Kawhi Leonard returning to full fitness and Paul George scheduled to make a comeback, many expect the Clippers to be a force to be reckoned with next season. 

Apart from the Golden State Warriors, it is the Clippers who have the second-best odds of winning the title next season. Given how dominant they were in the 2021 playoffs when Kawhi and PG13 were fit, it is safe to see why they are seen as true contenders for the upcoming season. But the pressure will be on the pair to deliver the goods.

It has been quite a while since the Clippers made a move for Leonard and George. Given that their hometown rivals have already won the title all this while, the pressure is back on the Clippers to win the NBA title next season. Can Paul George and Kawhi Leonard lead the LA Clippers to a title next year?