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Paul Pierce Calls For A Truce That'll Make Celtics Fans Smile

Paul Pierce And Ray Allen Appear To Squash Their Beef At 2021 Hall Of Fame Ceremony: "We're Always Going To Be Brothers"

Not many things in this world are more questionable than loyalty. Who's really loyal to you, who'd leave you for something better when the situation is right? For even what seems like the most loyal of people, their devotion and alliances can change with the direction of the wind.

For Ray Allen, it wasn't quite that dramatic. But still, news of his signing with the Miami Heat in 2012 felt like a punch in the face to all his Boston teammates.

You see, Miami and Boston were not friends. For the last few years, the two teams had fought over control of the East. They were both in each other's way. So when Allen went from the Celtics to the Heat, the public's reaction and outcry came as no surprise.

The only people madder than the fans in Boston was the Celtics players, who basically disassociated themselves from Allen. He was dead to them, and they stuck by that for quite some time.

Nobody in Boston has ever really forgiven Ray Allen, despite all that he's done for the city and the franchise.

That is until Paul Peirce finally stepped up and demanded that feelings change. In an effort to move on, Peirce reached out to Alen, and the two became buds again. And now, Peirce is making his intentions known: "Time to get the band back together."

A truce may be upon us. It may be harder to convince KG and Rondo to move on, but it certainly won't be impossible. In this huge statement of love by Pierce, a long-time grudge is on its way to ending.

After all, that great Celtics team deserves to be made whole again.