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Paul Pierce Delivers Savage Response About The Thunder Possibly Having To Play Without Westbrook


The NBA is the land of the unexpected. True, these past few years it's literally been the same two teams meeting in the Finals every year. But besides that, there have been quite a few surprises.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were one of them last season when they shocked the world with disappointment.

This upcoming season is supposed to be better for a myriad of reasons... though even that has been put in jeopardy now, thanks to the recent surgery performed on Russell Westbrook.

On ESPN's the Jump, NBA analyst Paul Pierce discussed how, exactly, the Thunder would fair if Westbrook has to miss a portion of the season, and the response was definitely one to remember.

Here's the exchange between him and Rachael Nichols:


Seems okay to count out Pierce as an OKC believer for this upcoming NBA season.

But Westbrook or no Westbrook, proving him wrong will be one heck of a challenge in the loaded Western Conference.