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Paul Pierce Explains Why Kevin Garnett Was The Most Unselfish Superstar: "He's Averaged 25-Plus Points In This League, And He Just Was Like, 'We Got Other Guys Who Can Put The Ball In The Hole, So I'm Gonna Hang My Hat And Be The Defensive Leader.'"

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Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett was known as one of the best power forwards to play the sport of basketball, and he was viewed as an amazing presence on and off the court. Kevin Garnett was a versatile offensive player that was also an elite defensive anchor, as well as a fiery and emotional leader who knew how to inspire his teammates.

One of Kevin Garnett's best traits was his desire to win at all costs. Some players care about individual performance rather than the team winning, but that wasn't Kevin Garnett. Paul Pierce has recently claimed that Garnett was the "most unselfish superstar", as he was willing to take a backseat offensively during his time on the Celtics and be "the defensive leader" for the team. Jay King and Jared Weiss of The Athletic relayed the news.

Pierce: He’s the ultimate, most unselfish superstar. Because he’s been an MVP in this league. He’s averaged 25-plus points in this league, and he just was like, “We got other guys who can put the ball in the hole, so I’m gonna hang my hat and be the defensive leader.” He’d command that everybody on this squad play to their best potential on the defensive end and hold everybody accountable. That’s a part of the game that I wanted to show that I wasn’t no slouch in.

Kevin Garnett is without a doubt an all-time great, and a player that has made his mark on both the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was a crucial factor for the Celtics during the 2008 championship run. The Boston Celtics clearly recognize his contributions, as Kevin Garnett will be getting his No. 5 jersey retired on March 13th.

There is no doubt that Kevin Garnett's legacy is set in stone. Many people remember him for his talent and his passion for the game, and he is certainly beloved among many fans.