Paul Pierce Flames NBA Over Jayson Taum All-NBA Snub

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Paul Pierce Flames NBA Over Jayson Taum All-NBA Snub

With the All-NBA teams having been officially announced this week, fans pointed out the snubs right away, with names like Devin Booker and Russell Westbrook being among the most notable.

But perhaps the biggest snub of all was Celtics star Jayson Tatum, who lost out on millions after not being selected to the All-NBA roster this season.

After hearing about the news, NBA legend Paul Pierce went on record to defend Tatum, and Jazz youngster Donovan Mitchell, on Twitter.

“Take nothing away from guys who made all-nba teams but when Tatum and Donovan Mitchell don’t make an all NBA team something gotta change stop putting positions on who make it doesn’t matter top guys regardless of position should make it,” Pierce wrote.

Tatum and Mitch would have made it on one of those lists had it not been for the positional limitations. A limit of two guards and two forwards can be selected to each of the three All-NBA teams, meaning that while a guy like Rudy Gobert might earn fewer votes than Tatum, he'll make it on the list over him because he was among the top three highest-voted centers.

Pierce is advocating for that to change, and it's hard to disagree with him. For something like All-NBA, they should reward the best players regardless of position.

We'll see if the NBA decides to take that suggestion.