Paul Pierce Has A Little NFSW Message To ESPN

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(via ESPN Press Room)

(via ESPN Press Room)

Paul Pierce hasn't forgotten nor forgiven what ESPN 'did' to him a couple of months ago. The former NBA player-turned-analyst was fired from the multimedia company after appearing surrounded by a bunch of strippers on Instagram Live

Things got out of control really quick, and Pierce was released by the company shortly after that broadcast went viral. Pierce made it clear better things were coming his way but always taking shots at the so-called 'worldwide leader in sports'. 

Time has passed, and nothing has changed for 'The Truth.' Pierce shared a curious Instagram story, once again attacking his former employers with an NSFW message. 

It doesn't look like this relationship will get better anytime soon. The Boston Celtics icon isn't forgiving anything, and his actions only make things hard for him. Well, that doesn't seem to be a problem for Pierce since he seems to be living his best life. 

It's unclear if fans miss his incredibly hot takes regarding LeBron James, all-time top 5 lists, and MVP candidates. He's not bothered by that, either, so you do you, Paul!