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Paul Pierce: “If A Game Is On The Line And I Need One Game, I Want Kobe Bryant”

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins have had their fair share of controversial takes since retiring from the NBA. Both of them have lived up to their reputations on the court by talking their talk in the booth regardless of what people may think or the actual facts.

Pierce's top five players of all-time created mayhem on social media because he snubbed LeBron James out of it and people just know they don't like each other. Thus, knowing he's quite biased, some fans demanded him to fix his list and find a way to include the King, a request Pierce politely declined, obviously.

As a matter of fact, Pierce preferred to double down on his take by saying he'd rather Kobe Bryant with the game on the line, even though Bryant was his lifelong rival in the purple and gold:

"Based on my criteria, and a lot of people say (Bill) Russell was the greatest winner. Then a lot of people say maybe move out Kobe and let me ask you: If the game is on the line, and I need one game, I want Kobe, period," Pierce claimed.

Needless to say, those comments triggered Perkins, who has done little else than laud LeBron since retirement and vent out all the things that happened in the locker rooms he was a part of. According to Perk, Pierce needed to prepare a lot more for LeBron than Kobe:

“All I know is it was a lot easier to win against Kobe Bryant than it was LeBron James. You can talk if you want to talk, but I was right there in the thick of things with you. I know he (Pierce) had to really prep for LeBron James and when we got to the Lakers it was smacked up six,” Perkins replied.

At the end of the day, it's unlikely that will ever hear an actually objective take coming from either one of these former NBA Champions, so we better take everything they say with a grain of salt.