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Paul Pierce: "LeBron James And Los Angeles Lakers Will Sweep Miami Heat"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Paul Pierce has picked the Los Angeles Lakers not only to win the NBA championship this season but to do so in a huge fashion, sweeping the surprising Miami Heat. This is a surprising take from Pierce, who has been famous for taking shots at LeBron James in recent months, but this time he's favoring the King to win the Larry O'Brien trophy this month.

During Wednesday's edition of ESPN's Countdown, Pierce called that the Lakers were going to win the series in four games.

If Pierce's prediction turns out to be true, the Lakers will be lifting the trophy next Tuesday, closing a season that's had everything from the start to the end. As he recently stated, that victory would put LeBron James right behind Michael Jordan on the All-Time list, which isn't something easy for him to say.

It looks like the animosity he has for the Miami Heat is bigger than his rivalry with LeBron James. To be fair, it's not like a lot of people would say the Heat is going to win this series, but one would imagine Pierce would give a little support to Jimmy Butler and co.

This time, though, he's favoring James to win it all after a terrific season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Good thing for them is that the Lakers already won the first game in a great fashion, dominating the Heat 116-98.