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Paul Pierce On Blake Griffin, Kemba Walker Benchings: "You're Telling Me They're Not Even Playable Anymore?"

Paul Pierce

Earlier this week, it was announced that Kemba Walker and Blake Griffin (both multiple-time All-Stars) would be benched by their respective teams.

It was a shocking and even saddening move for many, including Paul Pierce, who sent the following Tweet in response:

“So you telling me Kemba Walker and Blake Griffin are not even playable anymore Damn!!” Pierce wrote.

While pIerce saw a gradual decline in his role towards the end of his career, he was never benched to the capacity that both Kemba and Griffin are.

In the case of Kemba, his impact on the floor was just way too negative to ignore.

"A statistical summary of why the Knicks are pulling Kemba Walker from the rotation: Knicks have the best defense in the league when he’s on the bench (99.0 DRtg) & are dead last (116.3 DRtg) when he’s on the floor," wrote Fred Katz. "They are 27th in offense with him playing, 9th with him off."

For Griffin, he spoke candidly about being kicked from the rotation and demonstrated real maturity about the situation.

"No, I mean listen, [LaMarcus Aldridge] has been playing unbelievable," Griffin said, via ESPN. "So, I totally get starting him, especially Joe [Harris] has been out, and I totally get that. Being completely out of it, though, I didn't necessarily see that coming. But that's not my decision. As players it's our job to do whatever coaches see best, so at this point that's what it is."

There comes a time for every player when their game is just not as valuable as it used to be. While Walker and Griffin might get another chance on a different team later, it seems like the start of the end of an amazing career for both of them.

For fans, it's tough to see them riding the bench after all they've done in recent NBA history.