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Paul Pierce On The Purple Raptors Jerseys: 'Those Are The Worst Jerseys In NBA History'

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

When it comes to jerseys, everybody loves the classics. From the old Vancouver Grizzlies jersey to the blue Minneapolis design for the Lakers, many fans are practically begging for teams to bring back some of their classic looks.

For the Raptors, one of their signature style includes the infamous purple dinosaur design worn by TMac, Vince, and many other stars over the years. But not everybody loves the look and to former Celtic Paul Pierce, those jerseys are actually the worst in NBA history.

Pierce's statement is pretty controversial as those jerseys are extremely popular within the NBA community.

Pierce, though, seems to think that the color scheme and the Dinosaur equate to a corny, childish design akin to something an AAU team would wear. Tracy McGrady obviously disagreed and many fall in that same camp -- but why do people love that design so much?

No doubt, part of the reason is its uniqueness. No other team really has anything that looks like that. A simpler reason could also be that the contrast of the color and layout of the design is easy on the eyes and embodies the personality of the team.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that not everybody is a fan. For guys like Paul Pierce, they prefer a much simpler, cleaner look.