Paul Pierce On Tyler Herro: "I Can’t Call Nobody A 'Bucket' If You Ain’t Averaging At Least 20... If You Average 11 I Can’t Give You 'I’m A Bucket.'"

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's fair to say Paul Pierce is not a fan of Tyler Herro, or at least of his nickname. After torching the Boston Celtics with 37 points earlier this week, an old video of Herro calling himself 'a bucket' surfaced and the NBA community went crazy. However, not everybody was excited to see Herro calling himself a 'bucket', including Paul Pierce, who expressed his real opinion on Herro during Friday's edition of ESPN's NBA Countdown.

Pierce made it clear that he wasn't calling Herro a 'bucket' in the foreseeable future since his numbers don't back up that claim of him being a bucket.

"I can't call nobody a bucket if you ain't averaging at least 20 [over the course of a season]," Pierce said. "If you average 11, I can't give you 'I'm a bucket.' You know what I'm saying? I can't give you 'I'm a bucket' just because you get a couple of buckets on the big stage."

Perhaps he's not averaging 20 points per game right now, but you can see the future is bright for this kid and he will reach that point in no time. Herro is a rookie, he's only 20-year-old and is showing up in the postseason, where most players would get scared and disappear. This kid is different and even though he's averaging 13.5 points per game, that's a lot because he's playing his first season in the association.

The fact that the Herro is playing against the Celtics could be a good reason why Pierce isn't giving anything to him. However, things are too big not to notice, even if you're Paul Pierce.