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Paul Pierce Recalls Recruiting Kevin Garnett In The Middle Of A Game: "We Get Him, We Win The Championship."

Paul Pierce Recalls Recruiting Kevin Garnett In The Middle Of A Game: "We Get Him, We Win The Championship"

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are going to be linked in the annals of basketball history forever for their 2008 NBA Championship triumph as part of the historic Boston Celtics. After both had great individual careers with low post-season success, the Celtics brought Garnett from Minnesota Timberwolves, alongside Ray Allen from the Seattle SuperSonics to Boston and pair them up with Pierce.

Pierce was aware of the rut his career was in with the lack of a formidable team around him most of his career. The same happened with Garnett, who was a former MVP that barely used to make it to the playoffs. Fortunes changed when they teamed up, a plan that Pierce says was in motion years before it happened.

While on the 'All The Smoke' podcast, Pierce was talking about meeting KG in an end-season game. After both Minnesota and Boston had been eliminated from the playoffs, Pierce openly told Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck to sign KG if he wants a championship. 

"He was in Minnesota and it was the end of the year. We're competing against each other like it's the playoffs, this is like one of the last games of the year. He wasn't going to the playoffs with Minnesota, I wasn't going with Boston, so we talking shit to each other. It was 2005, 2006 I believe. Wyc, our owner was sitting on the bench. KG was at the free-throw line and I looked right at him (Wyc) and I was like, if we get him, we're gonna win the championship. This is in the middle of the game, I'm at the free-throw line, I'm about to box out and the owner is sitting right there. That was three years before we got him. I yelled it out, everybody heard it."  

KG won the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year in his debut season as a Celtic, as the team went on to beat the Kobe Bryant-led LA Lakers in the Finals, where Paul Pierce was crowned the Finals MVP.