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Paul Pierce Reveals What He's Been Doing After ESPN Departure

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Post his playing career, Paul Pierce was known as an analyst for ESPN, often clowned by fans for his takes. However, he became an internet sensation a few weeks ago because of an event that had nothing to do with basketball. On a wild Instagram live, Pierce was seen partying with exotic dancers and smoking, which resulted in him being fired from ESPN.

It seems that Paul Pierce has been busy over the weeks post his firing. In an Instagram story, the former Boston Celtics' star revealed what he's been doing. Even his departure from ESPN hasn't stopped him from doing wild things, and on the Instagram story, Pierce displayed his marijuana grow house. This came after Paul Pierce has teased "big things coming soon".

It seems as though Paul Pierce has found other activities which occupy his time. While the ESPN job was surely lucrative, it definitely looks like Paul Pierce isn't losing any sleep over leaving. The fact that Paul Pierce does own a marijuana grow house isn't surprising. Paul Pierce launched his own CBD line in 2019 and has claimed it helped him deal with anxiety and depression, which came after his nightclub stabbing in 2000. Marijuana legalization has been a trend across the United States, and many former athletes have cannabis-based business ventures. Perhaps now with the ESPN job no longer in the picture, Paul Pierce has the opportunity to focus on his business.