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Paul Pierce Said He's A Better Clutch Shooter Than Klay Thompson


The discussion for the NBA's greatest shooters is a pretty stacked list. Steph Curry, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Klay Thompson -- it goes on and on.

One name most people leave off of that list? Paul Pierce.

The Truth is a lot of things, but a knockdown shooter from three isn't really something he specializes in. Nonetheless, if he had to bet on himself or Klay Thompson to shoot from the wing, in the clutch, he said he'd take himself, even despite how excellent Thompson is at shooting that ball.

To Pierce, Klay can't be considered a better shooter because he is relatively unproven in the clutch. And, according to the stats, he is right.

(via Barstool Sports)

Paul Pierce: 33 FGM a season on average with 39/35% splits. Littered over that timeframe you had Pierce consistently in the top 20/15/10 in clutch FGM. He’s not delusional when he says he was one of the best clutch wing players during his run.

Klay Thompson: 16 FGM a season on average with 37/33% splits. Now with Klay, it’s a different story. Sure he plays with Curry and that matters, but even once Paul got his Big 3 help he was still around 25-35 clutch FGM a season. This isn’t to say Klay isn’t a ridiculous shooter, obviously, he is, but if we’re just talking in terms of clutch scoring, Pierce is right.

If the argument here is based solely off of shooting, then Klay tops the cake here. But if you think that Thompson is just worlds better, you might be mistaken.

Pierce is a better shooter than we all though. And with the game on the line, dwindling down, he'd be a wise choice if you were trying to win the game.