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Paul Pierce Says He Can Return To The NBA Before Andrew Bynum


Even though The Truth may be in his 40's, he still thinks he has what it takes to make it back into the NBA, at least compared to Andrew Bynum.

This past week, it was reported that former All-Star center Andrew Bynum -- now 30 years of age -- was eyeing a return to the NBA this upcoming season.

Bynum last played in the NBA in 2015 for the Indiana Pacers, and even though he still has knee issues, he may have what it takes to make it back into the league.

Celtics' legend Paul Pierce was asked about Bynum's return -- who Pierce faced in the 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers -- during ESPN's The Jump, and he didn't look like he was confident in Bynum's abilities.

"This is nothing. Let me tell you why. Because I mean the Andrew Bynum we saw before he left the game, cause the game doesn’t translate to what he does. You know. He was a back to the basket player, really couldn’t shoot.

I mean, it doesnt translate to today’s game. I have a better chance of probably coming back."

According to PP, Bynum's skillset in today's NBA would be completely pointless, and he himself has a better chance of getting onto an NBA roster than Andrew.

I guess you can't get your jersey retired by the Celtics if you don't have that sorta confidence, right?