Paul Pierce Says Lakers Need More Than Zion Williamson To Become Title Contender

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To repair their miserable state, the Lakers will need more than Zion Williamson. Paul Pierce made that point clear in a recent interview with TMZ Sports.

“Zion is not the savior, but he’s very good,” Pierce said. “But y’all need more than that!”

The Lakers are hoping for a big summer, and they’ll need one if they want to improve their standing for next season. For the 5th consecutive season, they will finish outside the playoff picture. It has become clearer than ever that a serious roster overhaul is needed.

With how much they have been losing, Zion Williamson is a realistic possibility for them... but will he be enough?

He and LeBron would be deadly, but it likely would not be enough to plug all of their holes. They need more shooting, more defense, and more production off the bench, especially if they want to compete with the other Western Conference elites.

This summer gives them the opportunity to add all of that, provided they don’t need it up. So long as they have LeBron they have somewhere to start, but they should not expect a guy like Zion to come in and fix everything right away.

They tried that with LeBron, and this season proved that not even he was enough.