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Paul Pierce Says The Raptors Only Chance Of Winning The Title Is If Kawhi Leonard Comes Back

LeBron James Lauds Raptors' Championship DNA: "The Media May Not Give Them As Much Credit Because Kawhi Is Gone, But Players Know What Type Of Team They Are."

Great news for Toronto Raptors fans. Paul Pierce has officially gone on record to state that they're not going to win the NBA Championship again and, judging by his past predictions and hot takes, you would be wise to gamble every single dime on the Raptors going back-to-back.

Now, in all seriousness, the Toronto Raptors have looked like one of the best teams in the world since the start of the season. They're deep, they're tough, they play great defense, and have plenty of players that are able to step up and score.

Then again, it feels like there's still a missing piece on that team. A guy that can take the rock on his hands when it matters most and get the job done. I mean, it takes at least one superstar to win an NBA title, and the Raptors lost theirs to free agency.

That's why Paul Pierce went on to claim that the only way the Raptors go back-to-back this season was if Kawhi Leonard takes off the Clippers' gear and joins them back:

"They would need Kawhi (Leonard) to take off the Clippers jersey and come back," Pierce said on ESPN.

The Raptors looked clamped an out of ideas when they faced the Boston Celtics in Game 1. They clearly lacked a player who could score off the dribble, hit mid-range shots, knock down threes, and get stops - like Kawhi.

Then again, Nick Nurse has done an outstanding job at bouncing back from losses and the Raptors looked like a meshed group that can make a deep run in the playoffs. Perhaps we shouldn't be sleeping on a team that had a very similar record with and without Kawhi Leonard.

So if you have some cash to spare and want to try out the Pierce Curse again, maybe you'd want to go out on a limb and bet on the Raptors winning it all this season.