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Paul Pierce Sends Message To The Boston Celtics: 'Beat the HEAT! Beat the Heat!! Letssss gooo'

Paul Pierce Sends Message To The Boston Celtics 'Beat the HEAT! Beat the Heat!! Letssss gooo'

If there's a person on earth who reeks of love and passion for the Boston Celtics, that's definitely Paul Pierce. Pierce is the last icon and idol in Celtics' culture, a guy who grew up in LA and then became not only a Celtics legend but also their biggest fan.

And, in great Celtics' fan fashion, the only thing he loves more than his team is hating the Los Angeles Lakers and even more the Miami Heat, whom he battled with for years in the Eastern Conference.

Pierce and the Celtics went back-and-forth with the Miami Heat as soon as LeBron James took his talents to South Beach and even though LeBron isn't a part of that franchise anymore, The Truth clearly still hates the Heat's guts up to this day.

So, as soon as Brad Stevens' team knocked down the Toronto Raptors in a thrilling Game 7, Paul Pierce took it to Twitter to show his support for the C's and demand them to beat the Heat:

"Beat the HEAT ! Beat the Heat !! Letssss gooo," Pierce tweeted.

Pierce has never shied away or tried to hide he despises the Miami Heat or everything even slightly related to LeBron James. It was like that when he still played and it'll likely always be like that.

Also, Paul claimed that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, which also happens to be the greatest icon for the Miami Heat culture, so this clearly goes beyond that.

The Celtics haven't made it to the Finals since Pierce and company lost to the Lakers in 2010 and haven't won the ring since Paul was named Finals MVP in 2008.

Now, they have a shot at not only adding up to their league-leading 17 Larry O'Brien trophies but maybe even do it vs. the Lakers and LeBron James. Pierce is hyped!