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Paul Pierce Was Kissing A Hot Girl And Recording It On IG Live: "Somebody Please Take This Man Phone"

Paul Pierce Was Kissing A Hot Girl And Recording On IG Live: "Somebody Please Take This Man Phone"

Paul Pierce keeps making headlines with his NBA takes and the things he does in his personal life. Almost a year after his controversial Instagram live, where he showed many women around him and his friends while they played poker, the Boston Celtics legend is back at it, putting up another show on social media. 

In recent days, a video surfaced showing the 2008 NBA champion with a girl, kissing and having a good time. Pierce shared a couple of Instagram stories while doing his thing with the girl, smiling at the camera and just wilding. 

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed and many fans reacted to the videos, laughing and trolling Pierce for his personality and how he publishes those things without caring about anything. 

After being fired from ESPN thanks to his controversial video, Pierce has been making appearances here and there, but not having a regular role on any network. That doesn't matter, though, as he always finds a way to make his hot takes and earn a lot of criticism in the process. 

Recently, he named his top 5 players of all time, and fans were really unhappy after he left out Kobe Bryant. The Truth isn't shy of voicing his opinion on any matter. He wasn't when he was on ESPN and now that doesn't have to respond to anybody, things have gotten to the next level. 

Paul is a big character and NBA fans love to hate on him. He seems to have a really good time and we're not the ones that will judge him. Still, fans will always be ready to call him out if they see something is off. It's not like he cares a lot about that, but Pierce always draws attention, no matter what he does or says.