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Pelicans Coach Alvin Gentry Says We Should Not Compare Zion To LeBron James



There is no question that the future of the New Orleans Pelicans rests firmly in the hands of Zion Williamson.

Despite having yet to play a single game, Zion has been hailed as the league's next generational great. The dunks, the size, and the attention have earned him expectations far beyond what a rookie should ever have to bear.

In regards to certain comparisons made between Zion and a certain superstar over in Los Angeles.

"There's very few guys -- at 19 years old -- who can come in and impact this league," Gentry said, via ESPN. "There's one in California but there's also not anybody like him."

"They shouldn't do that [comparing]," Gentry said. "We are not doing that. We are comparing Zion to Zion. We want Zion to be the best Zion Williamson that he can be. Not anybody else. We want him to be the best basketball player he can become using his name and no comparison."

Zion has a lot left to prove. As he prepares to enter his rookie season, he will have to show the world that the hype surrounding his arrival is legitimate.

But if we want to put him in the best situation to succeed, perhaps we should hold off on making the comparisons and expectations -- especially when they involve All-Time NBA greats.