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Pelicans' Coach Alvin Gentry Wouldn't Even Trade Anthony Davis For Beyonce

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Well, it's settled: We now all know just how valuable Anthony Davis is to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Pelicans' head coach Alvin Gentry is extremely high on his star player, and believes Davis is the best player in the NBA today, by far. Gentry even went as far as saying the Pelicans wouldn't trade AD for anyone, not even -- wait for it -- pop superstar Beyonce.

Gentry continued:

"​​I think when you have a player that you can trade for anybody in the NBA, then call him the best player."

Davis is locked up for the next two seasons before he becomes a free agent, but trade rumors have been swirling around Davis as the Pelicans have never been able to have much success despite his individual efforts.

So even though Alvin Gentry says that Davis is practically untradable he's that good, if AD is unable to carry New Orleans further into the playoffs this season or the next, we could be seeing a major trade going down before Davis bolts in the offseason.