Pelicans Remove Anthony Davis At The End Of Their Intro Video

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Anthony Davis

When it's the end, it's the end, right?

Right now, the New Orleans Pelicans are nearing the end of an era. It's largely their own doing, as the team was always unable to surround Davis with a quality, Championship contending team. Whatever the case, Davis wants out, and it seems the Pelicans are inclined to grant that request at some point or another,

Via Andrew Lopez on Twitter, the team has removed Davis from the end of the intro video, a sign that marks the beginning of the end.

We don't yet know what exactly the Pels plan on doing with Davis, only that the team is reluctant to make a deal now. The team has not been answering the phone, meaning they are likely waiting until the summer before hitting the "send" button on Davis.

Regardless of timing, it's almost inevitable that The Brow leaves New Orleans at this point. It's a reality that, judging by the most recent clue, the Pelicans finally understand.