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Pelicans Teaching Zion Williamson How To Walk And Run Differently

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Zion is clearly the best prospect in last year's draft but has been unable to play a single game following his injury this season. Recent reports indicate that he is hungry and excited to get the season underway, but Pelicans staff have been trying to fix his "walk" first. That's right, apparently, the Pelicans organization has been fixing the way he walks and even runs on the floor.

While this may seem a bit surprising considering the fact that Zion has been an All-World talent for quite some time now, it goes to show the lengths this Pelicans organization will take to protect their superstar player. Reports also suggest that Zion is buying into their training, which is also a good sign for New Orleans fans.

Does He Need to Improve the Way He Moves?

Without a doubt, Zion is a physical specimen. He has a monster build, weighing in at over 270 lbs, but still has the agility to move quickly across the court and sprint at fast speeds. But with all the amount of weight he carries when he moves, there is always a cause for concern. Zion is simply too heavy, and the Pelicans organization realizes that. They are making an initiative to maximize the amount of force he carries while moving, and also preventing the risk of injuries which could derail the young man’s career.

Instead of just hoping for the best, the Pelicans are focusing on Zion’s mobility and trying to best guide him on how he moves around the court. If he can manage to shift his weight properly across his feet, Zion could greatly reduce the number of injuries he might endure such as his recent torn meniscus.

What to Expect from Zion When He Returns

Zion Williamson will probably get a little lighter and move around the court more easily. Zion seemed jolty in his movements, and if the Pelicans training comes to good use, Zion will be a lot better when he runs around the court especially while holding the basketball.