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People Are Calling Kevin Durant A Hypocrite After Video Of Him Surfaces Online

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It was just a few games ago when Kevin Durant yelled at a fan to “Shut the f—- up” and “watch the f——— game.”

If you’ve been paying attention at all though, you’ll know this type of behavior isn’t abnormal for KD nowadays.

But do you remember a time when it was?

This old video of KD has him saying an interesting quote about the behavior of fans during a game...

Kevin Durant said:

"Grown men can't come to a game and heckle grown men. That's corny and that's weak..'You soft! You weak! You a bitch!'..You're going to sleep as a grown man doing that to another person?"

Here, he ridicules fans for attacking him and the Warriors. He says it’s “weak” and “corny” for guys heckle grown men.

But on social media, and often face-to-face, he doesn’t seem to apply those same principles to himself.

It’s things like this that cause so much hate for KD. And as the fuel for the haters/critics continue to rise, his popularity will only continue to dip.

Perhaps it’s time for him chill a bit?