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People Are Outraged After Clip Shows That Chris Paul May Have Intentionally Tried To Hurt LeBron James Last Night


Much has changed for the infamous banana boat crew. Ad Dwyane Wade plays out his last days in Miami, he's earning praise and respect as one of the All-Time greats. Carmelo Anthony, while his playing future seems to be in doubt, is looking for one last opportunity to show the world he can still play. For Chris Paul, this season has been a bust compared to the one he had last year with the Rockets. But with him and James Harden trying to rebuild their former glory, the Rockets still stand as a team to be messed with.

Meanwhile, for LeBron, his move to the Lakers is proving challenging, as his team struggles to stay alive in the playoff chase.

These four buds never got the chance to play together, but they always respect each other when their teams face off. But, in a clip taken from Thursday night's matchup between the Rockets and Lakers, we may have witnessed a banana boat betrayal.

As Chris Paul falls down, he can be seen on camera pulling on LeBron's arm, a move that no doubt was intended to do some damage.

This type of play isn't something we aren't used to seeing professional sports. It can be a brutal scene sometimes.

But for Paul to be so blatant about it -- and on his best friend nonetheless -- is an especially tough blow.

Just because they're friends off the court doesn't mean they're buds on it. We're seeing that reality hold true today.