Phoenix Suns Fan Explains What Really Happened In His Fight With Nuggets Fans

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The NBA, its players, its teams, and even its staff members missed fans in the arena. Watching games with no fans in attendance was just weird, regardless of how great the players were.

Nonetheless, ever since the playoffs began, fans started acting up. One threw popcorn at Russell Westbrook, another threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving, and another even spat on Trae Young.

But perhaps the most popular of those fans is now known as the 'Suns in 4 guy'.

This Phoenix Suns fan called Nick McKellar went viral after beating two Denver Nuggets fans at Ball Center, capping off the beating with his 'Suns in 4' motto.

The fan was clearly not the aggressor and was only defending himself from a couple of heckling fans, so he joined Barstool Sports to tell his side of the story.

McKellar said that he was friendly joking with some Nuggets fans that were also talking some trash to him. All in good spirits. Then, those guys approached him, mocked him, flaunted money at his face, and even poured beer on him. And the rest is history:

“These guys are walking past me and obviously they didn’t think it was funny,” McKellar said. “Meanwhile the whole crowd that I made friends with, initially they were laughing, having a good time. I wasn’t being annoying. So, these guys were like, ‘You know what, I’m taking offense to this.'”

McKellar ended up being a prophet, as the Suns - in fact - swept the Nuggets in just 4 games. More than that, he became a meme, his face is now on T-shirts, and even Devin Booker wanted to get his info.

While we will never condone violence and we'd love these things to never happen again, it's always nice to see how a couple of sucker-punching bullies get what they deserve.

(Conversation starts at 38:30)