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Phoenix Suns Fans React To The Potential Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant To Their Team: "Why Would We Trade Two Young Players For Someone Who Has No Loyalty?"

Phoenix Suns Fans React To The Potential Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant To Their Team: "Why Would We Trade Two Young Players For Someone Who Has No Loyalty?"

The 2022 playoffs are in full flow with only 4 teams each remaining in both conferences. With Round 2 of the postseason almost over, we will soon get to know which teams will be going against each other for a spot in the NBA Finals.

Kudos to the remaining teams, but the playoffs are not the same without a few superstars. The likes of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, etc. are already eliminated. While James' Los Angeles Lakers failed to even qualify for the playoffs, KD's Brooklyn Nets did qualify but disappointed fans.

The Nets were swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round and it sent a wave of shock through the world. Evidently, Durant became the main focus of every fan and analyst for a while.

It is understandable that fans are upset with this underwhelming season, a few have gone a bit extreme. Among them is the Instagram page "mocktrades," which has been suggesting potential trade ideas around KD. Earlier the page suggested Durant getting traded to the Boston Celtics, which was met with a lot of trolls.

Now, they have done something similar by proposing a 3-team trade, which essentially makes Kevin Durant a Phoenix Suns player.

Evidently, the Suns fans were not happy about hearing about the proposed trade idea. They went full-on ballistic mode in the comments section of the IG post. Here are some of the best reactions from fans.

mxkesidney: "So the team that went to the finals last year are gonna trade their young players for somebody who isn’t a guaranteed ring & has no loyalty?? 😂😂"

lowkey_james2: "Anytime kd does this his Legacy will be no more 🤣."

natiqfazlani: "No reason for GSW to be involved, and Cam Johnson would probably have to be sent to BKN too."

nickz105: "If Ben Simmons isn’t coming back, Brooklyn may as well just save the effort of making a trade because they aren’t winning sh*t with all this internal conflict and fooling around."

remi_a9: "Kd was the one that wanted kyrie and harden. He has to stay in bk."

supashell: "Honestly know one loses in this trade, but this def not gonna happen. Suns are good with what they have and Nets just gotta get their act together. They got potential to be a top seed team in the East."

haasssshhy: "The warriors are trading a young player like moody for seth."

pengxuelor: "Suns taking an L giving up bridges and ayton for kd lol I’ll sign kd as a free agent for vet minimum since he’s just riding along."

_alanperez_: "Why would phoenix ever do this😭😭."

bennpirie: "You’re telling me golden state will give up moody for Seth curry????"

thecedricthompson: "Suns wouldn’t give up Bridges even for a player like Durant."

baltadulcinelli: "First thing, it’s Kendrick Perkins talking so it should be invalidated from the start. Second this just f**ks up the chemistry and system of a literal league best and NBA finals team. I mean c’mon, why blow it up for no good reason, KD is aging and less available every year. This trade only serves his interests, why would a sane team do this?? It’s not that he’s not a top player it’s just a shortsighted and unnecessary deal. Third why is it acceptable to behave like this for star players? To swap around teams almost every season to ringchase should hurt your legacy, not improve it."

jo_g33: "Why would suns trade away two of their main defenders. This is a dumb trade."

jayhow131: "As a suns fan naw I’m good. I love Bridges defense and KD is injury prone."

bear_like_vibez: "Hell no Suns better not get rid of Bridges and Ayton."

There's no doubt Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league. But at the same time, he is not getting any younger, which invites the risk of him getting injured frequently in the coming seasons.

Additionally, the Suns literally have the best record in the entire league and one of the primary reasons for that is their amazing defense. Both Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges are essential to that. So it might sound like a good trade on paper, but there is no way that the Suns will accept this offer.